Understanding Who We Are In Christ.

The key to a fulfilling life is actually pretty
simple: understanding who you are, under-
standing Who God is, and understanding the relationship between the two.

The identity each of us was born with is only a shadow of the fuller view of our place and purpose. When we focus only on our mind and body, we are only realizing two-thirds of our potential. Getting to know ourselves as spiritual beings, created in the likeness of God and endowed with His divinity, expands our understanding beyond things we can see and touch. We begin to operate within the realm of faith, seeing new horizons and discovering a new purpose.

This course presents a detailed look into understanding the truest doctrine of God, including an analysis of Trinity and sin, and meditation on Who God is and who we are in and with Him.

Lesson 1: Who God Is
Lesson 2: Who Man Is
Lesson 3: Who Christ Is
Lesson 4: Christ for Us
Lesson 5: Christ in Us
Lesson 6: Christ with Us
Lesson 7: We for Christ

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