Jesus promised His disciples a comforter,
what He described as, “The Spirit of Truth.”

The Holy Spirit is God’s essence and pres-
ence with us. When we walk in Him, the Holy Spirit acts as our comforter and guide, leading us in the ways God would like us to go.

Through an active prayer life the Holy Spirit inspires and protects us, replacing fear and insecurity with the confidence knowing God can bring and the boldness to act. It is through this relationship that the Holy Spirit strengthens and “seals” our bond to Jesus Christ and, through Jesus, to God the Father. We discover meaning and purpose, we see the unseen and rely absolutely on God’s promises—of things hoped for.

Many of us know little if anything of The Holy Spirit beyond what may be puzzling demonstrations of charismatic outbursts. We are routinely taught about God and about Jesus, but substantive teaching on Who the Holy Spirit is and what His role is in our lives is not always presented in a focused, doctrinally-accurate view.

Considered one of the most important aspects of ministry, during this course you will extensively learn about the Holy Spirit, His person, His presence, His purpose and His power. You will be taken into an intimate, awe-inspiring, and life changing relationship with Him, through which you will be empowered to accomplish great things in His name.

Key 1: His Person
Key 2: His Presence
Key 3: His Possession
Key 4: His Purpose
Key 5: His Purpose 2
Key 6: His Power
Key 7: His Partnership

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