Some assume it’s all just emotionalism,

a worship experience now verging on delusion. When we discuss God’s anointing, however, we are talking about working in God’s authority through a divine connection to Him. With that authority comes the power to accomplish great things in His name.

The difference between a pedestrian stopping traffic and a police officer stopping traffic, is the police officer is vested with the authority of the town. Motorists recognize and submit to that authority. In Acts Chapter 19, a group of itinerant exorcists tried to use the name of Jesus, “Whom Paul Preached” to cast out demons, and ended up being killed by them. Why? They didn’t know Jesus for themselves, and, therefore, their works lacked authority.

In this seven-week course, The Anointing: Believing, Receiving and Walking in The Anointing of The Lord, Dr. Joelle Suel explores understanding what the anointing is, its purpose, increase and release. This course not only teaches on the anointing that works in and through us, but also on how we receive it through others. The lessons are:

Key # 1 – Definition
Key # 2 – Function
Key # 3 – Possession
Key # 4 – Recognition
Key # 5 – Division
Key # 6 – Union
Key #7 – Manifestation

Each class can be viewed live online, as well as played on demand. If you like, when completed, you can also purchase the set of DVDs for $60.00 and the set of CDs for $30.00.

Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion upon submission and review of all the homework. Classes that you pay for can be repeated as many times as you like at no additional cost.

You can email Dr. Joelle at any time, leave a note or call 303-751-3330 with any questions that you may have.