Working, learning, growing togeth-
er in God’s Grace and His abiding
presence is the whole purpose of Church
Life. Our laughter, our tears, triumphs and
even our failures fill the pages of our life
as we are united as one in the Body of Christ.

We are a people who love one another in deep intimacy with Jesus. Love is not just a word, it is the context in which we will do everything. No decision, no activity, no conversation, no sacrifice will be made without first answering the questions: Is this the loving thing to do? Is this the cup of water for the thirsty, the coat in the cold, the warm meal for the hungry, the comfort for the lonely, the healing for the hurt?

Baptism is the ultimate symbol of intimacy and connection with Jesus. The scriptures say we are "buried with Him and raised to new life." When we are baptized we join with others in communion with Jesus and each other, forever. This is why water is one of our values.

We welcome and invite you to worship with us Sundays at 10:00 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.  CONTINUES BELOW

Lamb Food

The Privilege of Building Lives

At Glory To Glory, we believe not in religion but in relationship: a true and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ and sealed by the indwelling and baptism of The Holy Spirit. The true work of the ministry is investment in each others' lives. Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?" He said to Him, "Yes, Lord; You know that I love You." He said to him, "Feed My lambs." (John Chapter 21). Feeding sheep requires us to know them as individuals, personally and intimately, that we may meet their specific dietary needs. This is what ministry is about, beyond the lights and music: the investment we make in each other.

Glorious Women

A woman’s great strength is also her greatest weakness: her heart, her capacity to love. Learning to love with discipline means subjecting that love to a reasonable set of proofs, what Christians mean when they say, “Try the spirit by the Spirit.” That fire in your belly, that yearning to stretch out over the horizon, can be your calling from God. You don’t need to be a spinster to follow it, but finding your real purpose in Christ requires the strength and resolve to also follow it. Glorious Women, Glory To Glory's ministry to women, exists to provide support, encouragement, teaching and sharing. Our Glorious Women group meets the last Friday of every month at 7pm. See our Announcements Page for time and date.

Men Of Valor

Adelphoite Phylaxes “Brothers and Keepers” We like to quote that scripture, “Many are called, but few are chosen,” (Matthew 22:14) which makes God sound indecisive. All believers are called. People who are chosen get up in the morning and just do things nobody else believes in. The bible teaches us Noah woke his neighbors up every morning hammering together a huge ship in the middle of a desert. This is the true nature of faith: to trust and obey a God who is speaking specifically and exclusively to you, to follow a vision He has given to you alone. Culture finds its foundation in both an oral history and emulation of patterns of behavior. Your children will model your behavior. You will hear your voice, your values, echo in them. Men of Valor, Glory To Glory's men's fellowship, exists to provide a refuge and safe place for men to encourage, embolden, and counsel one another. It is a time of special sharing intended to strengthen leaders, support families, and model a template of the godly and upright manhood for our next generation to follow. The Men of Valor meet for a continental breakfast at 8am on the last Saturday of every month. See our Announcements Page for time and date.

Our Pastor

Dr. Joelle Suel is the founder and Pastor of Glory to Glory Christian Center. Her focus is to equip, build up and edify the Body of Christ. Her passion is to ignite, stir up and fan the flames of revival. A warm, compassionate, unassuming and extremely funny woman, Dr. Joelle’s preaching and teaching is vibrant, power-packed and life changing. With love and boldness, she releases a life transforming anointing. Salvation, healing, freedom and mighty renewal are present in every gathering, from Glory to Glory. Counting The Cost, Dr. Suel's latest work, challenges those called of God with tough questions about the true price of following where God leads. For those of us who feel the Spirit's pull on our hearts, Dr. Suel's teaching is an invaluable resource.
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