“l'Habit ne fait pas le moine,” the habit doesn’t make the monk, is the French equivalent of don't judge a book by its cover. It is fair to say that Dr. Joelle Suel (pronounced “soohwell”) is unlike any pastor you’ve met before. She is a divinely appointed, uniquely gifted French national empowered par un tigre dans le reservoir—to have incredible energy, literally, “a tiger in the tank.” Dr. Joelle is blessed with overflowing love, a sharp wit, and a captivating delivery. To know her is to love her, but knowing her, for most of us, requires just a little adjustment to our expectations and assumptions.

She speaks fluent English with a melodic lyricism that reveals the songs in her heart. Dr. Joelle's  desire is to love, to teach, to serve, to water God’s people with the reign of the Holy Spirit that we might be nourished and grow tout au plus—all the more, to the utmost. From fear to faith, from despair to hope, from darkness to light. Continue reading below to learn more about this marvelous woman of God. Better yet, join us Sundays at 10:00 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM and experience.  CONTINUES BELOW

The Shepherd

À Cœur Vaillant rien d'Impossible

Nothing Is Impossible for a Willing Heart

Dr. Joelle Suel is called and anointed to bring to the World the reality of our Lord and Savior. Her focus is to equip, build up and edify the Body of Christ. Her passion is to ignite, stir up and fan the flames of revival; to take the body of Christ from fear to faith, from despair to hope, from darkness to light, from glory to glory.

A native of Puteaux, France, Joelle Suel was born into a broken, dysfunctional family. She continued in this dysfunctional lifestyle during what she calls her ‘hippie” years. She is currently writing a memoir of her early years giving all honor and praise to God for bringing her through. Dr. Joelle Suel, known affectionately as "Dr. J," is uniquely gifted, qualified and appointed with God’s love to reach into the hearts, souls and spirits of the children of God. As a shepherd, she is very protective of every one of the “sheep” that are being watered and fed by her ministry. She understands that Jesus Christ is the answer, and knows He is working through the Holy Spirit to touch everyone with His transforming power.

A divorced single mother of two young daughters, Dr. J knows the hardships of struggling to make a life in a new country. These experiences have enabled her to reach the lonely, under-employed, homeless and hungry people who exist in this prosperous nation of hope. Her personal journey of restoration has given her much compassion for those suffering from addiction, abuse, illness, depression or dysfunction. Her life changing encounter with the Holy Spirit enables her to minister to those who are spiritually hungry. She reaches to those in need regardless of their walk of life, ethnicity or social status. All are loved unconditionally by God, and Dr. J lives a life where that love is manifested. She founded The Joseph Company to meet the immediate needs of food, clothing and furniture. She knows spiritual needs cannot be met where there is a natural lack. Humbled by what God has done in her life Dr. J makes it possible for others to experience the love and promises of God through faith.

As a warm, compassionate, unassuming and dynamic woman, Dr. Joelle’s preaching and teaching are vibrant, power packed and life changing. With love and boldness she releases a life-transforming anointing. Her sense of humor and sometimes comic presentations of life and reality allow her to tell it like it is. Salvation, healing, freedom and mighty renewal are present in every gathering, revealing the ministry’s theme, glory to glory, through the witness of the grace of God. Through the laying on of hands by Dr. J at every service, the Holy Spirit touches everyone who comes forward for prayer. The gifts flow through her from a word of knowledge to healing and deliverance. Due to the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, no one who attends any of her services leaves unchanged.

Glory to Glory Christian Center was birthed when Dr. Joelle vigorously embraced her calling, surrendering all personal goals and objectives to the will of The Father. Her ministry preparation began with her attending The Bible College and School of Ministry at Heritage Christian Center, Aurora, CO. She was ordained by Word Bible Way Fellowship. Dr. Joelle then earned her Ph.D. in Ministry from the Phoenix University of Theology. She proudly became an American citizen in 2003.


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