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Women on Fire Conference
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Glory To Glory's annual  women's conference is one of the most highly-anticipated and best attended seminars of the year. Come and experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and refreshing renewal by The Holy Spirit! Come, experience the present of His presence, and be consumed by His fire to live a life for Christ like never before. You were born for such a time as this! Jump in the river! Let the rain fall! Let the fire burn! Let His Spirit flow! Expect healing, deliverance, freedom…

Registration is FREE! Because of limited seating, we highly recommend that you register in advance.  CONTINUES BELOW

Greatness Within You

Manifesting God's Glory

How can we discover, develop, and deploy God's glory? Knowing how to become and remain glory carriers and couriers presents a daily challenge.

During these sessions, Dr. Joelle Suel will share how to recognize the greatness we possess: care for its purpose, confront and conquer hindrances, and release transforming glory as we walk in our divine callings.

The Sessions
Our 2017 Women on Fire conference will be comprised of four powerful sessions:.

Thursday 7 pm:  Conception
Friday 10 am:   Care
Friday 2 pm:  Contractions
Friday 7 pm:  Childbirth

Registration is FREE! Donations gratefully accepted.
Because of limited seating, we highly recommend that you register in advance. Sorry, no childcare is provided.

Our Hosts

Dr. Joelle Suel

Dr. Joelle Suel is the founder and Senior Pastor of Glory to Glory Christian Center in Aurora, Colorado. Dr. Joelle is called and anointed to bring to the world the reality of our Lord and Savior. A warm, compassionate, unassuming and dynamic woman, Dr. Joelle’s preaching and teaching are vibrant, power packed and life changing. With love and boldness she releases a life-transforming anointing. Her sense of humor and at times comic presentations of life and reality allow her to tell it like it is. Salvation, healing, freedom and mighty renewal are present in every gathering, revealing the ministry’s theme through the witness of the grace of God.

Dr. Joelle earned her Ph.D. in Ministry from the Phoenix University of Theology. She proudly became an American citizen in 2003. Her passion is to ignite, stir up and fan the flames of revival; to take the body of Christ from fear to faith, from despair to hope, from darkness to light, from glory to Glory.

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Minister Jonathan McAllister

Jonathan McAllister is one of a total of ten siblings. His parents Bishop Nathan and Gloria McAllister served faithfully and humbly in the kingdom of God, inspiring he and his siblings to dedicate their lives to the same high calling of service. Minister Jonathan's highest pursuit and focus is worship, elevating the praise and worship of our Heavenly Father above all things, in heaven and on the earth!

He is the father of two beautiful girls, an entrepreneur, owner of JuDavida Music Group, Minister Jonathan enjoys creating and distributing wholesome and inspirational entertainment.

He is looking forward to joining the "Women on Fire" and has a wonderful word of encouragement for this upcoming conference..."Burn baby Burn" ... let the Holy Spirit fire fall, in Jesus' name!

Glory To Glory Christian Center

Glory To Glory Christian Center is a ministry of nourishment and refreshment: teaching, healing, feeding and growth. We are a body of believers who know that Christ is the answer to every situation, that in Him we have a new life, a new beginning, a new hope and new victories. The water drop symbol represents the Holy Spirit, the living water (John 7:38).

We are a Bible-believing church; a diverse com­mun­it­y from many traditions and we have lots of stories. As a community, we believe that God is writing us a wonderful story together. Click here to learn more about the marvelous work God is doing at G2G.

We welcome and invite you to worship with us Sundays in Aurora or live online, here on our website, at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.


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